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Araromi Olutosin to the next Miss nigeria usa 2016:''...think beyond the crown,you only reign as Queen for one year..'' Featured

Araromi Olutosin to the next Miss nigeria usa 2016:''...think beyond the crown,you only reign as Queen for one year..''

There are times in our lives when we must be prepared to pass the CROWN and celebrate the gifts that were given to us.While celebrating those gifts be sure to take full advantage in the most honorable and respectable way possible and spread the love in the process.


This is what Olutosin Araromi is prepared to do, A young woman who has balanced her responsibilities as Miss Nigeria USA 2015. Afrik Diaspo News was honored to have the opportunity to interview such a humble, gracious intelligent soul that is still being nurtured. Take a look inside and read a bit of her growth and experiences and words of empowerment.


1-During your reign as Miss Nigeria USA 2015 what were the top three areas of importance that you focused on?


The Top 3 areas I have focused on during my reign as Miss Nigeria USA was women empowerment, education and breast cancer awareness.My personal platform was breast health awareness,but also wanted my reign to cover various issues that young Nigerians and Nigerian Americans face. I believe women empowerment is essential for the growth and development of Africa.An empowered and educated women is a force to be reckoned with.


Furthermore, education is important to me as well because as a former substitute teacher I believe education is truly the key to success. Being able to teach and empower the youth domestically and abroad are reasons why I love pageantry, with this platform I was able to have my voice amplified.Lastly to breast health awareness,I choose this to be my personal platform because of the lack of awareness and education dealing with breast cancer in the African community. After my reign as Miss Nigeria USA, I would like to be an advocate for these issues.


2-Please share with us how being Miss Nigeria USA 2015 has opened up doors for you personally and professionally and what your future endeavors are?


Mentally, personally and professionally, I have grown. I came into this organization with a dream now I can truly say I am now a woman with a vision and goals. Being Miss Nigeria USA has helped me meet other influential individuals with the same humanitiarian passion I have.I was able to meet various entrepreneurs, humanitarians and philanthropist, who can help guide me in the human service field.I definitely see myself working in the entertainment and philanthropy field. After my reign, I will focus on starting my own non profit organization, which will focus on women empowerment and education.


I am also planning on launching my website soon, which will establish me as a brand. It will also discuss my journey as MNUSA, my future endeavors, as well as my next journey. I also have been a freelance model for almost 3 years, so now that MNUSA and college is done,I can now put a 100% effort into my modeling career and hopefully get signed to a modeling agency.Once a queen, always a queen.I will continue being a humanitarian and a goodwill ambassador because that is my passion. Being able to empower and inspire others is what makes me happy.


3-As you prepare to crown your successor what words of encouragement can you give her?


To the next queen,I would say always stay humble and remember this is a responsibility.To me being a beauty queen is a job it's not all about the glitz and glam it's about positively impacting others.As Miss Nigeria USA you are an ambassador for the country in the diaspora Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa,so you must be ready for the challenge of empowering and inspiring other Nigerian-Americans.


Lastly,I would say think beyond the crown you only reign as queen for one year what is next after your reign? What resources can you gain to continue making your dreams come true after your reign is over. Pageantry is a platform you can use to inflict social change,most of all use your reign to empower and inspire.The quote I live by is the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. The distance between your dreams and your reality is action. Set goals and make sure you work hard to acheive them.

 Princesa Bey- Afrik Diaspo News / New-York

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