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New Art City New York returns to Lovecraftnyc April 27th Featured

New Art City New York returns to Lovecraftnyc April 27th

On Thursday April 27th. Some of best and talented Artists in the fields of Music, Visual, Comedic, Spoken Word, and Performance Art will meet at the Lovecraft nyc Restaurant Located in New York City's Village, for this seasons New Art City NYC's Groupshow.


The concept of New Art City NYC  according to the Owner/ Curator Michelle Laverne Bossier is to create pop up events in an art fusion style, where all genres of art are infused into the exhibition what she considers an "Art Fusion  Experience" (where it arouses all your senses makes you feel alive truly inspires you).


The aim of event is to highlight a variety of artists from painters, photographers, musicians, poets, performers and writers actors, with a specific theme in mind.‘’Giving up, is not an option’’ is the theme of this seasons edition  of New Art City NYC ‘’because it’s an issue that artist some phase in their career can relate to. That issue has taken way so much of the worlds passion and talent. Because we all have responsibilities and deadlines to meet.'’The seasons edition attracted a the highest quality emerging artists in New York  such as:  

Film Producer Roman Martinez.


The Improvisational Troupe: 

Rufus Khan



Rap Artist:

Money Magic SouthSide Jamaica, NY

Guwala South Side Jamaica, NY

Bamm Influence from Albany, NY

Doh-Boy Da General from Albany, NY



Vanessa Day


Spoken Word:


Needa Praya


Michelle Laverne Bossier created New Art City in 2009 as a launch pad to create events featuring news artists to promote a varied range of work and shine the spotlight on emerging artists in New York City.

Don’t miss out the next April event in New York City on

Thursday April 27th at Lovecraftnyc

50 Avenue B

6pm-12 am.


Afrik Diaspo New-New York / Alain Coomlan Tchegnon


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