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Waterfront Lab invites community to grand opening celebration in Camden, New Jersey.


Waterfront opens his doors in Camden neighborhood, Tuesday, April 18 th at 4 pm. Located at 121 Market Street, New Jersey, the 9,500 square-feet is the new official coworking center with an initial cohort of 13 residents companies.


‘’Waterfront Lab is than just a coworking space, it’s a community development center, a think thank and brave step forward’’ said Khai Tran,CEO of Waterfront Ventures Capital.


‘’I can see Camden rising to mirror or even rival to New York and Silicon Valley Tech Scene in terms of developing and producing great companies’’ said Melissa Le Office Manager for the Coworking Center.

According to the Chief Staff, Waterfront Lab purpose is to create an environment that allows community and visitors to getting their work done and meet interesting people. All these in one place such as:

-Waterfront Ventures: A nonprofit that organizes events around entrpreneurship like the UP Conference, Lighthouse Mentorship, and Entrepreneur 101.


-Plas MD: Creative studio working on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR),wearalbe devices and artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare and education.


-Waterfront Media: A design agency that provides web design and development, branding app design and development, digital design and other marketing services.


-Owner’s Magazine: An online business publication focusing  on startup, technology, and entrepreneurship.


-City Invincible: Merger of architecture, interior, and urban design firm.


-Keller Engineers: Civil engineers, structural engineers and surveyors.


-Brand Enchanting Media: A digital social media and experiential marketing agency.


-L Cruz Development: General contracting company offering construction and site development.


-Tri-State Transportation Campaign: This nonprofit advocacy and policy organisation is aiming to reduce ‘’car and truck dependency’’ in downstate New Jersey New York and Connecticut.


-Quality Management Services: Provider enterprise content management services to the government agencies, corporations and law firms.


- Gracious smiles: A nonprofit providing dental care services to culturally-diverse populations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

-Rails to Rails: A conservancy transforming unused rail corridors into public places

Afrik Diaspo New -New Jersey / Alain Coomlan Tchegnon


Here are some pictures in case you missed the Lagos Aban Investor Masterclass

Early stage investors came together last november 10 th in Lagos in Nigeria to exchange knowledge and share best practice through the 2016 Aban Angel Masterclass.Organised in partnership with Rising Tide Africa,Lagos Angel Network and VC4Africa, the Lagos Masterclass was hosted at the Wheatbaker Lagos in Nigeria.The Lagos Aban Investor Masterclass conclude the 2016 serie of Bootcamps and Masterclasses which had taken the African Business Angel Investor team to Nairobi,Cape Town,Douala,Washington Johannesburg,Lagos,Amsterdam,London and Silicon Valley.


‘’The world is expecting what we can achieve and ready to support us.’’ said ABAN President H.Tomi Davies in Lagos.ABAN is a pan African non-profit association founded to support the development of early stage investor network.ABAN began as a consortium of independent investor networks including the Lagos Angel Network,Ghana Angel Network Venture Capital for Africa,Silicon Cape and is supported by European Business Angel Network.



Alain Coomlan Tchegnon-AfrikDiaspoNews / Lagos

 Courtesy:African Business Angel Network



H.Tomi Davies at African Angel Investors Summit:’’The world is expecting what we can achieve and ready to support us.''

The 2016 African Angel Investor Summit held in Lagos in Nigeria last November brought together investors from across the African continent and other parts of the world.The main goal of this international summit was to help African Businessmans to exchange best practices,to debate pressings issues and to share lessons learnt in order to set road map for angel investing in the future.


According to H. Tomi Davies the rest of world is excited about what African Business Angel Network can achieve and is ready to support them.Speaking at the summit in Lagos last november H. Tomi Davies said ‘’Angels bridge the critical funding gap between personal, friends and family seed funding and traditional venture capital funding. Opportunities in the African space are considerable and establish a pipeline for later stage investments’’


Tomi Davies live and work mostly in the UK.His focus in the last decade has been on technology-based entrepreneurship in Africa where he invest,mentor and focus on developing an ecosystem of technology start-ups around co-working spaces,incubators,accelerators angel funding entrepreneur and national government policies. Tomi Davies is the Director of African Business Angel Network.



Alain Coomlan Tchegnon-Afrik Diaspo News / Lagos

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