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Student media conference 2016:mieux apprehender l’importance des medias universitaires dans le secteur académique

La salle de conference de l’Universite de la ville de  New-York (CUNY) va servir de cadre ce samedi 28 mai 2016 au deroulement des travaux de la toute premiere conference sur l'importance des medias universitaires et l'evolution des reseaux sociaux dans les milieux académiques précisément dans la ville de New-York.Il n’est plus de doute que de nos jours les radios televisions universitaires de meme que les réseaux sociaux font entierement partie de la vie des jeunes du secteur académique avec ce que cela comporte comme avantages et inconvenients.


C’est donc pour en parler que certains jeunes universitaires dynamiques de la ville de New-York appuiyes par certaines institutions se sont decides de reunir la communaute universitaire a travers ce rendez-vous dénommé Student Media Conference.A en croire les organisateurs la conference est ouverte a toutes les organisations estudiantines affilliees a l’Universite de la Ville de New-York.La rencontre qui se veut uniquement intellectuelle sera marquee par une allocution d’ouverture suivi des travaux en panels,des travaux en ateliers et des petites seances de formations.Les participants vont réfléchir durant toute la journée sur le role que jouent les medias universitaire dans leur formation universitaire.Ils vont également et selon les propos de Ulrich Kodga chercher a savoir quel est cet impact que les medias universitaires ont sur leur formation d'universitaires et sur la populations qui constituent l'autre franche de consommateurs.Pour créer une communauté universitaire de paix il faut agir,semble donc affirmer ces braves universitaires a l'origine de la rencontre de ce samedi 28 mai 2016.


Selon Ulrich Kodga, membre du comite d’organisation de Student Media Conference 2016,l’occasion sera donnee aux participants durant les ateliers de partager avec l’assistance des difficultes qu’ils rencontrent  et des experiences qu’ils vivent dans l’excercice de leur metier de Social Media.Ils vont egalement se prodiguer et profiter de l’occasion pour nouer de parfaites relations professionnelles.Il est prevu un raffraichissement du dejeuner durant le Students Media Conference 2016,entierement soutenue par certaines organisations au nombre desquels Chipotle,Lola Granola,Jersey Mike’s Sub,et David’s Tea.


Nous sommes donc invites a aller soutenir la nouvelle generation deja consciente de ce que l’avenir ne peut se realiser sans elle.


Alain Coomlan Tchegnon-Afrik Diaspo News / Chicago


Princess Angelique Monet to receive the ''Global Icon Award'' at the Global Summit on Women Empowerment in New-York

The Board of Trustees of The Global Summit Group Inc. is exceedingly proud and elated to announce and present HRH Princess Angelique Monet as a Distinguished Member of The Group of Nine (G9) Honorees of The Global Lady Icon Awards.

The Global Summit Group Inc. is Hosting the Global Summit On Women Empowerment at the Millennium UN Plaza Hotel, One United Nations Plaza, New York, NY, 10017, from Friday, April 29th to Saturday, April 30th, 2016.

One of the pre-eminent objectives of The Global Summit Group is to consistently celebrate whatever strides that have been achieved in the march of women towards sustainable accomplishments and advancements on the global corporate and political turfs, and to showcase such achievements by the presentation of the Annual Global Lady Icon Awards, to serve as veritable motivation for women to continue to progress satisfactorily on all fronts on the global terrain.

I crave your kind indulgence to briefly introduce HRH Angelique Monét, Duchess of Aquitaine.

+ Angelique Monét is an American multi-media talent and former Ms. Black South Carolina USA. She attended St. Augustines College, graduating with a degree in Mass Communication.

+ She is the Owner and CEO of Greta Joanne Entertainment, which is named after Angelique's late grand-mother, and is a film, television, production, sales agent, and event production company. There is a film library of over 500 hours of program, and over 30 projects in various stages.

+ In 2012, Angelique Monét was appointed Honorary Ambassador and Cultural Attache of Royal Academy of United Nations.

+ Angelique Monét is also the world's only combined stage actress and ventriloquist. In a 2001 stupendous outing on Theatre Row, she performed a One-Woman Off-Broadway show of "Multiple Me" written by Edgar Chisholm in which she portrayed several personalities, in addition to the multiple personalities she displayed as a ventriloquist. She is listed under "A History of Modern Day Ventriloquism" as a modern-day ventriloquist, and cited for her brilliant One-Woman play.

+ Her directorial film debut came with the short film "BitterSweet," which screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner (SFC) in 2005.


Her feature film "Deceptive" premiered at the Marche du Film during Festival de Cannes in 2010.

+ She also started the Hamptons Black International Film Festival which hosted six films in December 2008, receiving a mention from Sag Harbor. The festival returned in 2010, screening 17 films in Montauk, NY. In a 2011 branding, the festival showcased 10 films in an outing that was covered by a host of media outlets.

+ As a journalist, Monét has interviewed, under the umbrella of her first syndicated magazine-formatted program, "NYConnection," pioneers such as Public Enemy, Dougie Fresh, Kurtis Blow, DJ Red Alert, Flavor Flav, Chuck D, Ludacris, Raekwon, Charles Stone III, Tyson Beckford, Sheek Louch, Damon Dash, Wayne Wonder and Baby Cham.

+ As an on air personality on her VOD/PPV channel Monét, has interviewed Morgan Freeman, Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick, David Morse, Warrington Hudlin, the late Albert Maysles, Eriq Ebouaney, James Cromwell, Penelope Ann Miller, Christie Brinkley, Lori McCreary, David Bailey, Russell Simmons, Danny Simmons, Ezra Miller, Shailene Woodley and Nate Parker, John Slattery, to name a few.

+ She has covered events such as the 2011 Congressional Black Caucus, New York Chinese Film Festival 2011, Play Boy Mansion Cannes, private events during Festival de Cannes, the Hamptons International Film Festival, Art Basel, international art fairs in Monaco and Art Southampton.

+ In 2011, she closed a deal to develop her own Video On Demand Platform through DISH Network Video On Demand. She established the name "Nothing On Television TV" to showcase film content, celebrity interviews, live event streaming, magazine formatted programming, reality based programming and music based showcases. Monét is one of the only female distributors, exhibitors, and owners of a television channel available before over 20 Million consumers. Currently the channel is expanding to an on-line Video On Demand Platform and will be able to be accessed globally.

+ She has exhibited and provided marketing and support through her festivals and Signature events during Festival de Cannes for many films starring individuals of African descent. Monét’s programs have provided not only exposure but many have gone on to receive world wide distribution. These films include “Joy Road,” starring HBO’s “TheWire” Wood Harris, “From Above,” starring Danny Glover and Oscar Nominee Graham Greene, Area Q starring Isaiah Washington, just to name a few.

+ An early childhood speech impediment motivated her to create the Princess Angelique Monét Children and the Arts Program, where young people who have achieved beyond expectation can showcase their talents before the general audiences of AFI World Peace Initiative. It is also her goal to branch out to inner cities, and assist in building arts schools in Africa, and also work with orphanages in India.

+ On April 5th, 2016, she received, alongside veteran Director/Writer Charles Burnett, the Afrique360 Cinema Arts & Humanitarian Award at UCLA for her commendable and exemplary work, both on the domestic turf, and on the international vista, for world peace, and for her continued engagement with the cinema arts.

Princess Angelique Monét's Global Lady Icon Award is in the category of ICON OF THE ARTS, and it will be presented to her at a Gala Night Event on Saturday, April 30th, 2016.

CONGRATULATIONS, Are, Indeed, In Perfect Order!!!

With Very Kind And The Most Affectionate Regards,




The Global Summit Group Inc.



Meet Ganiyu Ademola Dada,one of the famous African business men in Chicago

Ganiyu Ademola Dada, originally from Nigeria is well known as a specialist of mobilization of capitals by the Import Export industry all over USA and in some African countries. With more than 40 years of experience in Business, Mr.  Ganiyu Ademola. Dada is today at the head of the company call:Kofa International based in Chicago but intervening world widely.

Mr. Ganiyu A. Dada started his career in Finances in Nigeria working as a banker, and then he moved in the US where he pursued a Bachelor in accounting at the University of Illinois and a Master Degree of Business Administration at the Roosevelt University in 1982.

Through the vision of his Company Kofa International, Mr. Dada would like to boost many African Business men into sales and trade of American products in Africa.

This is the reason of his presence at the 2016 Annual Conference of Export-import Bank happening in Washington, DC.

“One of our principal missions is to get capitals through American Banks to African Business  men in order to assure the prosperity and development of their businesses and the creation of opportunities of employment in Africa” declared Mr. Dada which company Kofa International, is a client of Exim Bank, USA.

Relationships between Exim Bank and Kofa International

Coming back to his relationship with the Exim Bank, Mr. Dada explains that they are at the best ever. They have been working together since 2000. Kofa International has a diversity of products and services to offer.  With Exim, Kofa helps Enterprises to finance Equipment for dredges use for drilling Oil and gas. Also in Construction, they were able to finance the purchasing of new and used Caterpillars and equipment of Construction Enterprises.

Mr. Dada rejoices to the fact that his company has proofs of success of businesses between Africa and the USA.

Promotion of the young Enterprise

Kofa International according to Mr. Dada, based on her experience as company believes that Youth is the plinth of Development of tomorrow.African Youth coming out of universities and colleges are ambitious and would like to be Entrepreneurs, but they need capitals to start their diverse projects. It is the reason why our company: Kofa International exists and is offering that opportunity through the relationship with Exim Bank which also encourage Young Enterprises said Mr. Dada. While talking about the interest rates of the Bank that are sometimes too high for the Young Enterprises, Mr. Dada said the Bank has some programs with convenient interest rates and with reasonable payment plans. Mr. Dada was member of the Continental African Chamber of Commerce of the USA. An institution that he presided for several years. It is there a fact that he is indeed a specialist in Finances and he is very knowledgeable in doing business between Africa and America and whom the Whole Diaspora will benefit from.

Where is Kofa International?

The Multinational Company Kofa international is based at 762 Torrington Drive in Naperville, Illinois.

Mr. Dada contact telephone number is: 630-428-9750. His email is: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. and Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. . Their website is:

In Nigeria the contact number is: 00234-803-578-4594 and 00234-803-082-5144

Alain Coomlan Tchgenon Afrik Diaspo News / Washington Dc

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